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Located in the Southern East of France, Provence is the sunniest area of the country, with a hot and dry climate. Thanks to this exceptional sun exposure, our lands are among the most fertile and known all over Europe for the quality of their production, especially when it comes to vegetables and fruits, and particularly Tomatoes.


Provence Tomatoes are filled up with sun, offer a powerful taste and have a very low percentage of water in their pulp.


Since 1918, Louis Martin exclusively uses Provence Tomatoes as major raw material of its final products. With our farmer partners, we agree on 40 000 tons of carefully selected fresh Tomatoes, which are cultivated close to our factory.


This makes Louis Martin the first fresh Tomato transformer of France.


This exceptional raw material makes us able to offer very high quality products to our customers.



Chair de Tomate is made during the tomato crop, from carefully selected fresh Tomatoes, and according to a specific production process. Fresh Tomatoes, once washed up and sorted, are slightly cut through an 18mm riddle. We then add some delicious Tomato Coulis at the end of the process.

Chair de Tomate is a true culinary help, and unique on the market, as a Louis Martin exclusivity.


The final product has no water inside, thanks to :

• The fruit itself : under the powerful sun of Provence, it comes to maturity with a minimum of water in the pulp.

• The absence of added water during the production process

• Added Coulis de Tomate, which is completely different from classical process, in which tomato juice (water) is added.


Chair de Tomate is the perfect cooking base for the preparation of dishes with sauces, meats or fishes, but also to prepare your own salsas for pasta, rice, pizza, lasagna and other "home-made" meals.



Located in the very heart of Provence for almost a century, Louis Martin has been mastering the recipes which have made Provence famous ever since. We offer a complete range of "Cooked Vegetables" which constantly reviews our ancestor's traditional recipes from the Mediterranean area: Ratatouille, Aubergines and Courget Provence style, Piperade, Bohemienne, Pesto and many others.