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Founded in 1918 by Louis Martin, our factory is based in the heart of Provence in the village of Monteux, between Avignon and Carpentras. The tomato has always been the main activity of our company, which was originally situated in the center of the village.

Under the management of Roger Soulager, Louis Martin’s son in law, the company moved to a new site of 70,000m² in 1976 which permitted further growth.

Since 1998, Louis Martin’s grandson and CEO of the company, Claude Soulager continues to develop the range of delicious, original and high quality products.

The seasonal activity of processing regional fruit and vegetables, especially tomatoes (40,000 tons of fresh tomatoes) allows us to control the quality of the fresh produce which has to be perfectly suitable for the production of our sauces, ketchups, and cooked vegetables. A research and development laboratory is located in the factory and allows us to devise still more original and tasty recipes.

Our company has a regular strategy of substantial investment in new processing technologies which ensures the very highest levels of quality.

We are thus able to guarantee the finest processing conditions for our natural produce as well as our organic specialties.

Our production facilities have been certified by the BRC and IFC right since their initial instigation and our evaluation results have always been at the highest level.

The Louis Martin factory is also equipped by packaging unit, logistics and storage which allow us to supply all our products on a just-in-time basis.

These achievements, together with our capacity for innovation as well as our industrial experience put us in a very favorable position in the food market as a premium supplier of products for large retailers as well as for food service.

The company is also conscious of the need for sustainable development. For this reason, all the waste material from fresh tomato transformation is collected to make compost or for animal food and the mud derived from our water treatment plant is used to fertilize the tomato fields of our suppliers.


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